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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation
Mary Free Bed Thank-you Letter
Mary Free Bed Thank-you letter
Grand Rapids Sled Wings

The Ninth Annual “Rinks to Links” 2016 Golf Outing Will be Held Sunday August 7. Online Registration Will be Available Soon!

Benefactors: Grand Rapids Sled Wings Hockey Team

The Grand Rapids Sled Wings is an adaptive hockey program for athletes
with physical disabilities that would keep them from playing regular
stand-up hockey.

The Sled Wings was started by the Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation in 2001.
There was originally only a Junior team which remains to be Michigan’s only Junior
sled hockey team, although a second Junior team is now starting up in the Detroit
area. In 2009 the Sled Wings expanded with an Adult program which has continued
to grow and now competes in a league across the Midwest. In 2015 a “Future Sled
Wings” program was added to help 4-8 year olds learn to skate on sleds so that
when they are ready to join the Junior Sled Wings program they are not intimidated
and have at least some experience.

The Sled Wings are sponsored in partnership by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital’s Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports program, the Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation, and supported by the generous donations of Rinks To Links which is Federally recognized 501c3 Non-Profit organization.

The goal of the Rinks to Links organization is to raise funds via an annual charity golf outing and other donations with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to the Grand Rapids Sled Wings and possibly other “special hockey” programs in the future. Each year Rinks To Links along with the Sled Wings coaches decide what needs the Sled Wings program has for the upcoming season. At that point a donation is made to the Mary Free Bed Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports Department with an itemized list of how the donation should be used, with a large remainder being used for the team’s travel expenses and other general costs.

View photos of last year’s Golf Outing.

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